Awards and Recognitions

Program Award
for Culture
of Excellence
in Mentoring

About the Award

Harvard Medical School has established this mentoring award to recognize the efforts of a department, division, office or program to foster innovation and sustainability in mentoring while building a culture of mentoring. This award provides an opportunity to learn from successful formal mentoring programs and allows others in the community to adopt model programs. This award is not intended to recognize individuals.


The Bridge to Dental School Program
Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Program Leader:
Fadie T. Coleman, PhD, Member of the Faculty of Oral Medicine, Infection, and Immunity; Assistant Dean of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, HSDM

Career Advancement Through Community at Harvard (CATCH) Program
Joint Biology Consortium/Boston Children’s Hospital/ Harvard Medical School

Program Leaders:
Elsa Treffeisen, MD, HMS Instructor in Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, BCH

Mia Chandler, MD, MPH, HMS Instructor in Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, BCH

Epstein Society
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Program Leader:
Steven D. Freedman MD, PhD, HMS Professor of Medicine, Chief of the Division of Translational Research, Department of Medicine, BIDMC

Fostering Diversity in HIV Research Program
Massachusetts General Hospital, Center for Global Health

Program Leaders:
Jessica Haberer, MD, MS, HMS Professor of Medicine; Director of Research, MGH Center for Global Health; MGH Department of Medicine; Chair, Women in Medicine Working Group, MGH

Sherri-Ann Burnett-Bowie, MD, MPH, HMS Associate Professor of Medicine; Means Firm Chief, Internal Medicine Residency Program; Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Board, Department of Medicine; Associate Director, MGH Center for Diversity and Inclusion, MGH


Career Catalyst
Harvard Catalyst/Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center

Program Leaders:
Francine (Fran) Grodstein, ScD, Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Professor of Internal Medicine, Rush Medical College

Christine Sieberg, PhD, HMS Associate Professor of Psychology; Co-Director, Biobehavioral Pediatric Pain Lab, Boston Children’s Hospital

Richard and Susan Smith Center for Outcomes Research Mentoring
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Program Leaders:
Robert W. Yeh, MD MSc, HMS Katz-Silver Family Associate Professor of Medicine in the Field of Outcomes Research in Cardiology

Rishi Wadhera, MD MPP, HMS Assistant Professor of Medicine; General Cardiologist; Section Head of the Health Policy and Equity Research at the Smith Center

Special Innovation Award: Recognizing a New Student-Emphasis Program

Pediatric Dermatology Student-Faculty Collaborative
Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Program Leaders:
Jennifer Huang, MD, HMS Associate Professor of Dermatology; Section Chief, Dermatology

Sadaf Hussain, MD, HMS Instructor of Dermatology; Attending Physician, Dermatology Program

FIRST Program
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Program Leaders:
James R. Rodrigue, PhD, Professor and Vice-Chair of Research, Department of Surgery
Aaron Fleishman, MPH, Associate in Surgery

MGH Neurology Program in Faculty Development and Promotions
Massachusetts General Hospital

Program Leader:
Steven M. Greenberg, MD, PhD, John J. Conway Endowed Chair, Department of Neurology, Vice-Chair, Faculty Development and Promotions

The GSAS Harvard Biotechnology Club's Incubator Program
Harvard Medical School, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Program Leaders:
Carl Novina, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine
Fred Mermelstein, PhD, Lecturer on Neurobiology

Centers of Expertise for Residents and Fellows
Brigham and Women's Hospita/Massachusetts General Hospital

Program Leaders:
Debra F. Weinstein, MD
, Associate Professor of Medicine
Gregg S. Meyer, MD, MSc, Professor of Medicine

Clinical Scholarship Program
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Program Leader:
James R. Rodrigue, PhD
, Vice Chair of Clinical Research, Professor of Psychology in the Departments of Surgery and Psychiatry

Helen Gurley Brown Presidential Initiative
Dana-Farber Cancer Institution

Program Leader:
Laurie H. Glimcher, MD
, President and CEO

Orthopaedic Clinical Effectiveness Research Center (CERC)
Boston Children’s Hospital

Program Leader:
Peter Waters, MD
, John E. Hall Professor of Orthopedic Surgery

Radiology Faculty Mentoring Program
Massachusetts General Hospital

Program Leaders:
Miriam Bredella, MD
, Professor of Radiology
James Brink, MD, Juan M. Taveras Professor of Radiology

Hospital Medicine Unit (HMU) Mentoring Program
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Program Leader:
Stephanie K. Mueller, MD MPH
, Assistant Professor of Medicine, BWH

Rheumatology Mentoring Suite
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Program Leaders:
Peter A. Nigrovic, MD
, Associate Professor of Medicine, BWH
Jeffrey A. Sparks, MD, MMSc, Assistant Professor of Medicine, BWH
Daniel H. Solomon, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine, BWH

Harvard Medical School

Program Leaders:
Jie Jane Chen, BA, MD Candidate
, Class of 2020
Jonathan Kusner, BS, MD Candidate, Class of 2021

Department of Ophthalmology Mentoring Program
Mass. Eye and Ear, Boston Children's Hospital,
Joslin Diabetes Center, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Program Leaders:
David G. Hunter, MD, PhD
, Professor of Ophthalmology, BCH
Patrica A. D'Amore, PhD, MBA, Charles L. Schepens Professor of Ophthalmology, MEE

Dermatology Medical Student Mentoring Program
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Program Leaders:
Ruth Ann Vleugels, MD, MPH,
 Associate Professor of Dermatology, BWH    
Harley Haynes, MD, Professor of Dermatology, BWH

IMPACT Program
Health Sciences & Technology, Harvard Medical School-Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Program Leaders:
Deborah Burstein, PhD
, Associate Professor of Radiology
Martha Gray, PhD, JW Kieckhefer Professor of Health Sciences and Technology, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT (member of Harvard-MIT HST faculty)

MGH Department of Surgery Junior Faculty Mentorship Program          
Massachusetts General Hospital

Program Leaders:
Richard Hodin, MD,
 Professor of Surgery
Keith Lillemoe, MD, W. Gerald Austen Professor of Surgery

Department of Population Medicine Faculty Mentoring and Performance Review Program
Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute

Program Leaders:
Richard Platt, MD, MSc, Professor of Population Medicine  
Emily Oken, MD, MPH, Professor of Population Medicine

Office of Faculty Development
Boston Children's Hospital

Program Leaders:
S. Jean Emans, MD, Mary Ellen Avery Professor of Pediatrics 
Maxine Milstein, MBA, Administrative Director, Office of Faculty Development

Summer Research Trainee Program
Massachusetts General Hospital

Program Leaders:
Winfred Williams, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine  
Elena Olson, JD, Executive Director, Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Institutional Award

Mentoring Program of the BWH Center for Faculty Development and Diversity
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Program Leader:
Audrey Haas, MBA, Executive Director

Program Award

BIDMC General Medicine and Primary Care Research Section
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Program Leaders:
Edward Marcantonio, MD, SM, Professor of Medicine  
Christina Wee, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine

Mentoring Circles Program
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Program Leaders:
Zafira Castano Corsino, PhD, Instructor in Medicine
Chantal Kuhn, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Weiner Lab

MGH Professional Development Coaching Program, Internal Medicine Residency Program
Massachusetts General Hospital

Program Leaders:
Kerri Palamara McGrath, MD
, Assistant Professor of Medicine
Carol Kauffman, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry, Part-time, McLean

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Program Manager
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