Joseph L. Henry Oral Health Fellow 2014-2015 | Rosenthal

Christina Rosenthal, DDS, MPH

Dentist and CEO, Paradigm Dental Center, LLC,Memphis, TN


Christina Rosenthal, DDS is currently the owner/CEO of Paradigm Dental Center, LLC, in Memphis, TN.  She is also founder and president of 516 Foundation, a non-profit organization that addresses community needs in Memphis, notably the Determined to be a Doctor Someday (DDS) program which seeks to equip under-privileged students with information needed to pursue healthcare careers.  This successful program was created by Dr. Rosenthal while she was participating in the American Dental Association’s Institute for Diversity in Leadership in 2011.  Dr. Rosenthal received her dental degree from the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry in 2005.


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March 3, 2016, wmcactionnews5