Visiting Clerkship Program Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Who should apply?

A. Third and fourth year underrepresented minority (African American, Native American and Hispanic American) students from US medical schools may apply for the Visiting Clerkship if they have completed their core clerkships.  All students applying to the VCP must have completed USMLE Step 1 prior to the start of their rotation.  Students (including US citizens) at international medical schools may apply through the Exchange Clerk Program at the Harvard Medical School Registrar’s office.


Q. What clerkships are available?

A.  You can find the complete list of clerkships in the online HMS catalog of electives at


Q.  What are my chances of getting a clerkship in a specific month?

A.  There is no guarantee but your chances are very good if you apply 3 – 6 months in advance of the start of the clerkship and you meet all the requirements including titer levels for all immunizations.


Q.  Can I do more than one rotation.

A.  You can apply for 3 rotations through the Exchange Clerk Program.  However, the VCP will only support students for one clerkship.


Q.  How can I apply and when do I find out about scheduling?

A.  Call or email the office to introduce yourself.  Then go online at the registrar’s office and submit your contact information and clerkship request.  Our office will follow up on your phone call or email by sending out forms required for the Visiting Clerkship Office.  We do not use the VSAS application.  The registrar will notify you 4 – 6 weeks before the start of the clerkship.


Q.  Is there a stipend or other support?

A. We provide housing either within walking distance of your hospital or close to public transportation.  The location varies with the availability of housing that month.  We will also reimburse you for travel to and from the clerkship up to $400.