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Jointly sponsored by the Consortium of Harvard Affiliated Offices for Faculty Development and Diversity and the Harvard Catalyst

The Consortium of Harvard Affiliated Offices for Faculty Development and Diversity (CHADD) was established to create an inclusive and supportive scholarly community to support the success of faculty of Harvard Medical School.   CHADD meets five times per year, rotating the location among member institutions , to share best practices and collaborate on joint programs.

The CHADD Mentoring Course is a collaborative initiative, co-sponsored by Harvard Catalyst, designed to enhance the climate for mentoring across Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals through mentor training.  The mentoring course is a half-day program designed for faculty of Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine to receive formal training in mentorship and best practices.

The course welcomes attendance of Harvard faculty from all clinical and scientific disciplines to enhance their mentoring skills through a combination of didactic and experiential learning.  The course targets both senior faculty mentors who are interested in expanding their knowledge and junior faculty who are transitioning to become mentors and are interested in developing their mentoring skills.

We work collaboratively to build a community of mentors that includes new and experienced faculty mentors involved in mentoring fellows, trainees and students.  This community of mentors convenes annually for learning enrichment and provides a rich network for faculty professional development. Annually representatives from CHADD convene to define and prioritize faculty development needs around mentoring with the purposeful goal of creating a vibrant and diverse community of faculty mentors.  Topics are prioritized and each year one focused topic is selected to promote in-depth learning through a 3-part course comprised of the following:

1)    Keynote speaker to raise awareness and increase knowledge,  
2)    Experiential learning through interactive and/or reflective exercises, and
3)    Discussions with an expert panel about strategies to promote success

CHADD representatives partner to develop, implement and evaluate each of the 3 program components.

The CHADD Mentoring Course is free to faculty of Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

Planning Committee:

Kelly Anastasio, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Carol Bates, Harvard Medical School
Molly Hines, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Elizabeth Gaufberg, MD, MPH, Cambridge Health Alliance
Shelly Greenfield, MD, MPH, McLean Hospital
Pinar Kilicci-Kret, Harvard Medical School
Maxine Milstein, MBA, Boston Children's Hospital
Christine Power, MS, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Caroline Rotondi, McLean Hospital

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Pinar Kilicci-Kret
Program Manager, Career Development