DICP and PFDI Faculty Fellowships

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - DICP and PFDI Faculty Fellowships

1.     Can a non-U.S. citizen OR a non-permanent resident apply for the fellowships?

a.   U.S. citizenship or permanent residency is NOT required for DICP Fellowship –

b.   U.S. citizenship or permanent residency IS required for PFDI Fellowship –


2.    How do I know to which fellowship I should apply?

a. If applicant meets all eligibility requirements for both fellowships, he/she can apply for both opportunities, though the award will be made in only one category.  The Harvard Catalyst PFDI fellowship is specific to clinical and/or translational research. If applicant is unsure whether his/her research falls within this category, we suggest that the applicant speak with his/her mentor to determine the best opportunity.


3.    If my department head or division chief is also my mentor, will one letter of recommendation be sufficient?

a.    Yes.  However, it is imperative that the recommender indicate in the letter that he/she serves both roles.  Also, it is imperative that the letter address all the requirements listed under both the “department head/division chief” and “mentor” categories.


4.    If I have two mentors for my project, may I submit letters of recommendation from both of them, in addition to the letter from the department head/division chief?

a.    Yes, submitting letters of recommendation from two mentors in addition to the letter of recommendation from the department head/division chief is fine.


5.    What is covered in the Fellowship award? 

a.    The award is for salary and research support for the awardee (fellow) only. Indirect costs are not supported by this award.


6.    If the applicant is eligible for both opportunities, can an application be submitted for both fellowships?

a.    Yes. Please ensure you check the appropriate boxes on the application.


7.    Does the applicant need to submit proof that he/she is being promoted from clinical/research fellow to instructor?

a.    The letter from the department head/division chief should indicate the promotion status.


8.    If the applicant has been an instructor or assistant professor for over 10 years, does this mean that he/she is no longer at the junior faculty level, and therefore not eligible to apply?

a.    An instructor or assistant professor, regardless of his/her years of appointment, is considered junior faculty, and, therefore, is eligible to apply. 


9.    Is the doctoral eligibility requirement specific to certain degrees?

a.    Degree requirements are: MD, or PhD, DO, DMD, DDS, and ScD.  There may be other doctoral degrees that are included as well.


10.    Can a non-minority junior faculty apply for these opportunities?

a.    Yes. 


11.    Does the applicant’s research need to focus on diversity or health disparities?

a.    No.


12.    If the applicant is a finalist for a Harvard Catalyst Pilot Grant, can he/she still apply for the fellowship?

a.    Yes. 


13.    If the applicant currently holds a “K”, “R”, or “T” award, is he/she eligible to apply for the fellowships?

a.    To ensure the applicant’s eligibility to apply for the Faculty Fellowship, he/she should review their award guidelines and restrictions before applying for DICP and/or PFDI fellowships. For additional questions, please contact the fellowship program manager at 617-432-1892 or email jessica_st.louis@hms.harvard.edu.


14.    How do I know if my work is categorized as clinical and/or translational research?

a.    Discuss it with your mentor.


15.    Are applicants conducting international research eligible to apply?

a.    Yes. 


16.    What are the start dates for the Fellowships?

a.    The DICP Faculty Fellowship can begin as early as Mid-February and must begin no later than July 1.

b.    The Harvard Catalyst PFDI Faculty Fellowship period is May 1 - April 30.


17.    How should the application be delivered (in mail / electronically)?

a.    The completed application and other required documents should be delivered electronically to jessica_st.louis@hms.harvard.edu.