Alister Francois Martin, MD

Alister Francois MartinAlister Francois Martin, MD
Instructor in Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital

Mentor: Ali Raja, MD, MBA, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Executive Vice Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

Department Chair: David F. M. Brown, MD, Trustees Professor of Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

Project Title: "Expansion of Vot-ER’s Healthy Democracy Kit program as Part of a Nationwide Health Care-based Voter Registration Campaign"

Project Description: Massachusetts General Hospital Emergency Department (MGH ED) recently started Vot-ER which is a new operational initiative aimed at offering patients who are not registered to vote an opportunity to register using an online voter registration platform while in the ED. Our analysis aims to measure the rates of voter registration at Boston area hospitals and healthcare organizations through the 2021 Boston Mayoral election cycle. We also seek to use publicly available voter data to longitudinally track the patient population that has become registered in these settings in the lead up to the mayoral election in an effort to identify if they turn out to vote at higher rates than the average population.

Biography: Alister Martin, 32, is a practicing emergency physician and former Chief Resident at Massachusetts General Hospital. He served as a former Health Policy Aide to Governor Peter Shumlin of Vermont and Congressman Raul Ruiz of California. He works at the intersection of public policy and medicine as research faculty at the Harvard Kennedy School Behavioral Insights Group and as clinical faculty at Harvard Medical School in the Center for Social Justice and Health Equity. He leverages his background in politics, policy, and the field of behavioral economics to use the ER as a place to build programs that serve the needs of vulnerable patients. He is the founder of Vot-ER, a nonpartisan voter registration organization that has organized over 26,000 healthcare providers and 300 hospitals to help non-urgent patients register to vote. He is the founder of Get Waivered, a program that is converting our nation’s ERs into the front door for opioid addiction treatment. He also co-founded GOTVax, an initiative aimed at leveraging a get out the vote framework to deliver vaccines directly to vulnerable communities throughout Boston via hyper-targeted vaccine pop up clinics. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Rutgers where he was a Division 1 tennis player.