Musing on the Impact of COVID and on Being LGBTQ

a brief presentation and discussion led by Marshall Forstein, M.D. for the LGBTQ+ community of Harvard Medical School and its affiliates


Meeting Transcript 

Join us for this special online session to be led by Marshall Forstein, M.D., a Cambridge Health Alliance psychiatrist and past member of the LBGT Advisory Committee to the Dean.  We will start with a brief presentation about how LGBTQ people are particularly affected by the Covid epidemic, followed by an open discussion about the special needs of members of the various LGBTQ communities affected.

Background:  For those of us who have LGBTQ identities, we know at what cost we live our lives when we remain invisible or feel the need to retreat back to that invisibility.  This cost knows no gender, no race, no age.  However, for those who are LGBTQ people of color, homeless or disabled the COVID crisis may present even more of a quandary in trying to balance the risks and benefits of authentication of oneself in the social matrix in which we live.  As we all muddle through the current epidemic, we must remember the lessons of the past… to acknowledge the costs that lie in the loss of physical proximity and touch, and of the costs associated with a retreat into invisibility so that we stay united and vigilant in mitigating them.

Join by Zoom:  all meeting links are distributed via the LGBT_Office listserv.  To join the listserv or alternatively to request this one-time meeting link, contact  by using your Harvard or hospital affiliation email account.

Event Date: 
Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm