High School Programs

Bridge to AP Biology

For rising Boston 10th, 11th and 12th grad students from the Boston Public Schools, who come with teachers from selected schools offering AP Biology in the fall

A summer enrichment pre-Advanced Placement (AP) Biology program held at Harvard Medical School and is a result of the collaboration between the Harvard Medical School and the Boston Public Schools. Students are exposed to AP-Biology concepts taught by their teachers, hands-on laboratory activities and academic fieldtrips before commencing their AP Biology high school courses in the fall.

“Bridge to AP Biology has helped my students gear up for the fall and at the same time give them confidence that they would be able to do it.” (Teacher)

“Doing the labs, AP questions and tackling the challenging readings were terrific!” (Teacher)

“Bridge was helpful because we were able to exchange and share resources with other teachers, the students had the opportunity to be in a university setting, and the staff and graduate students were wonderful in setting everything up and helping to lead the labs.” (Teacher)

“Bridge has helped a great amount. It gave me a preview of what’s to come this year which has prepared me a great deal and get ahead in the book.” (Student)

“Bridge showed me the level of the AP work for the upcoming year including labs, reports, homework, class work and valuable note-taking skills.” (Student)

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