Diversity Awards

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible for Diversity Awards?

  • Faculty (Professor through Instructor) based at HMS/HSDM or an HMS-affiliated hospital or institution In a clinical, pre-clinical, research, or administrative area.
  • Staff who work directly for HMS or HSDM (must receive a Harvard paycheck)
  • Programs that resides at HMS/HSDM or an HMS-affiliated hospital or institution

2. Can one person submit more than one nomination?

Each nominator is allowed to submit one nomination per category.

3. Is self-nomination allowed?

Yes, self-nominations are accepted.

4. What information should I include in the nomination?

Nominations may include an individual or a group of individuals who have demonstrated a significant commitment to enhancing diversity above and beyond the routine role and responsibilities. This might include developing models to advance diversity, achieving outcomes, increasing employment, supporting promotion, identifying funding, assisting in producing scholarly work and addressing issues of recruitment related to diversity.

Please see questions on the nomination form below:

1) How has the nominee contributed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity within the HMS/HSDM community?
2) Describe the extent to which the nominee’s efforts represent a sustained commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity within HMS/HSDM community.
3) Has the nominee established a model of inclusion or changed the culture to become more inclusive?

5. How many people can submit a nomination for the same person/program?

One program or person can receive any number of nominations, all submitted nominations will be reviewed by the committee.

6. How are the recipients selected?

An advisory committee comprised of faculty and staff from across the HMS and HSDM community will review the nominations and make recommendations to the Dean’s Office.

7. When and how will the recipients be announced?

The recipients are generally announced after the committee meeting in the spring. All recipients are contacted by phone and email to inform them of their award.

8. Will I be notified of the outcome of my nomination?

Yes. Everyone who submitted a nomination will receive an email to let them know whether or not their nominee was selected for a Diversity Award.

9. Will the nominees who are not selected to receive an award be notified of their nomination?

Yes, we will notify all nominees who are not selected to receive an award and acknowledge them of their nomination.